What kind of things to do while staying with us.

Things to do Musina

Things to while staying at Hambana, Musina and the Greater Mapungubwe

A small example list of activities or things to do Musina. While staying at the Hambana lifestyle Lodge.

Hambana Lifestyle Lodge rooms at night

Things to do, on Site.

Thaba Bolayi Private Nature Reserve

Things to do Musina Thaba Bolayi

Activities on the property

Morning game drive in open vehicle

Night drive in open vehicle

Full day game drive in open vehicle + bush picknick

Hiking trails

Guided Giant Baobab tour

Several view points

Climb the execution rock also know as the rainmakers rock.

Visit Leopard rock and or Paul Kruger koppie


Self drive game drive (or guided)


Historical and or Argeological tour

Things to do Musina, close by Hambana Lifestyle Lodge

A few examples of activities

Mapungubwe National Park

Mapungubwe Museum

Maremani Nature Reserve

Baobab Reserve

Crocodile farm

Thathe Vondo Forest

Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve

Beitbridge border post to Zimbabwe

Things to do Musina, around in Limpopo

Kruger National Park not far from Musina

Activities what you can do as a day trip

Kruger National Park

Blouberg Nature Reserve

Langjan Nature Reserve

Makuya Nature Reserve

Sagole Big Tree

Soutpans Conservancy

Lake Fundudzi

Phiphidi Falls

Tsatshingo Potholes

Things to do and discover

Musina is situated just south of the Limpopo River, which forms the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe. The area is rich in minerals, and apparently, the name originated with the Musina people, who discovered copper deposits and settled there.

Musina Limpopo

Musina, Limpopo is the most northerly town in South Africa and is close to the Great North road and the border post to Zimbabwe and thus, the rest of Africa! The rich copper fields in the North Country ultimately led to the founding and growth of Musina (then called Musina – the Afrikaans spelling).

In Prehistoric times the Musina tribe discovered the copper and called it ‘musina’, in their language this word meant ‘spoiler’. The Musina tribe knew copper in the ore weakened the iron melted from it, hence the name. It was rediscovered in the 20th Century by prospectors. Today Musina, South Africa is the centre of a large iron ore, semi-precious stone, diamond, coal, graphite, magnetite and copper mining area.

Bolayi nowadays Thaba Bolayi Private Nature Reserve

The Dongola/Bolayi Execution Rocks is about 20km west of Musina. This is the historic site which was used for the execution of major offenders by the Musina chiefs. The smaller offenders were executed on Small Bulayi, just on the other side of the road.

Limpopo valley

Limpopo Valley National Park is South Africa’s youngest and northernmost Park, declared around the historical archaeological site of Mapungubwe, and houses the fauna and flora of the Shasi area. Musina, Limpopo, South Africa boasts several other attractive parks including the Impala Lily Park & is well known for the abundance of the Great Baobab.